Treating Addiction 2019 Presentations


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Dr William Shanahan Understanding the current state of opioid addiction in the UK
Dr Nicola Metrebiam Delivering behavioural interventions alongside opioid substitution treatment
Adrian Brown New consensus guidance on the identification and management of Wernicke's encephalopathy
Dr Lindsey Hines Epidemiology of addiction: what the clinician needs to know
Professor Sheila Bird Reducing risk of overdose and drug-related deaths
Dr Amira Guirguis Novel psychoactive: an emerging substance of abuse
Professor Valerie Curran How will cannabis legalisation impact addiction?
Dr Daria Kuss How has inclusion in the ICD affected how we view and treat gaming addiction?
Dr Tim Leighton Treating addiction: my personal journey
Adrian Brown Audited alcohol & drug use in mental health service in-patients
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Dr Lynn Owens Expanding the role of an alcohol care team in the acute hospital setting